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5 Engaging Worship Songs [2017]

Kade Young
Kade Young
Chief Audio Guru

One of the most challenging things about leading worship is finding songs the congregation will engage with. Once per year I share the top 5 songs really resonating at my church to give you inspiration and hopefully introduce you to a few songs you have yet to consider.  Here's the 2017 list:

  1. Flood the Earth by Jesus Culture
    Get lyrics, chord charts and piano tutorial →
  2. Simple Gospel by United Pursuit
    Get lyrics and chord charts →
  3. Great Are You Lord by All Sons and Daughters
    Get lyrics, chord charts and piano tutorial →
  4. No Longer Slaves by Bethel
    Get lyrics, chord charts and piano tutorial →
  5. Champion by Bryan & Katie Torwalt
    Get lyrics, chord charts and piano tutorial →

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Your turn: What songs are resonating with your congregation? Answer in the comments below.


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11 comments on “5 Engaging Worship Songs [2017]”

  1. We have kind of developed a culture of singing out a lot at my church (not that we are anything out of the norm or special) but these are the ones I've knowtist are especially loud.
    No longer slaves also
    Belong To You- Iron Bell Music
    Free In You- Iron Bell Music
    Nobody Like You- Red Rocks Worship (this is new but anthemetic and seem to really take to it).

  2. Great are You Lord and No Longer Slaves also made our list! Along with Lion & The Lamb, O Come to the Altar and Build my Life. Our congregation also loves any of the modernized hymns like Come Thou Fount, It is Well and Cornerstone.

  3. For those of you singing "No Longer Slaves," what key are you singing it in? Cuz if I did that song in Bb like Bethel does, I'm pretty sure two things would happen:

    1) The congregation would fold their arms and stand there.
    2) My own head would explode from trying to sing that high!

    Love the song. Just wondering what you've found to be a workable key.

    1. We sing in A if a male is leading, or C if a female is leading. Both work really well.

  4. Bob, I usually put it in a key that is simple for our guitarists, where they don't have to capo--takes time. We've done it in A and G.

    No Longer Slaves and Great Are You Lord make our list, too. Our congregation is also enjoying Good, Good Father (Tomlin), Alive In You (Jesus Culture), and Lift Your Head Weary Sinners (Crowder). The last one in our list is the most requested song of the year--by far!

  5. We have found a few songs to be very engaging
    Never Go a Day-Shawn Bigby
    Let Praises Rise- Maranda Curtis
    Do it again- Elevation Worship
    Hallelujah Chant- Eddie James

  6. I'm Going Free (Jailbreak) by Vertical Church Band is a fun one and the congregation picked it up quick. I was a little concerned about them not being able to sing the verses because of tempo and timing but they sure have picked up the chorus and bridge. They love it!

  7. We have some that are tried and true and bring out the congregational singers every time:
    Revelation Song
    It Is Well With My Soul (Hymn)
    From the Inside Out
    Even So Come
    How Great Thou Art

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