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I wish I could say I was blown away but honestly that would be an understatement! I am amazed by the simplicity of your teaching and the results I’ve had.

Drey Bohannan

Thanks so much for not only providing great training but also being quick to respond to our specific problems.

Timothy Minks

What you have done is such an awesome resource for complete sound newbies like me. Thank you so much!

Daniel Ronquillo
James Wasem

Kade relates the content in a way that isn’t over your head. It’s not talking down to you. The step-by-step process is laid out in a very clean way.

James Wasem

ALL Courses Included

(plus what's to come)

Church Sound 101

When you’re new to mixing, it’s tempting to give up because all the buttons and knobs seem like too much to handle.

This stress-free training takes you from complete newbie to confident behind the mixer in eight simple steps.

One Simple Step at a Time
Step 1 – Quick Start
Step 2 – Gain
Step 3 – Low Cut Filter
Step 4 – Faders & Bus Sends
Step 5 – Simple EQ
Step 6 – Compression
Step 7 – Reverb
Step 8 – Signal Path + Cables

Consistent Sound Made Simple

Want great sound EVERY Sunday? Want your entire team to provide a consistent listening experience?

This training makes it simple to achieve the mix of your dreams every time with every team member. You’ll learn how to get every instrument and vocal dialed in and how it all goes together.

Module 1 • The Foundation
EQ Your Room
Strategy for Consistent Mixes
Module 2 • Get All the Pieces Right
Module 3 • Pull It All Together
Where Everything Fits in the Mix
Bring It All Together with Reverb

Live Stream Sound Made Simple

It’s disappointing when your live stream sounds nothing like it did in the room.

In this bonus training, you’ll learn a simple strategy for creating a great live stream mix. No new equipment needed. No extra volunteers needed. All you need is this simple strategy.

Module 1 • Set Up
Strategy & Workflow
Bus Mix Config
Fix Low Volume with Limiter
Set Up Ambient Mics
Module 2 • Live Stream Mix Tips
Add Brilliance with EQ
Bring It to Life with Reverb and Panning
Create Consistency with Compression

EQ Crash Course

Overwhelmed with EQ? EQ Crash Course takes away the overwhelm by revealing the most important EQ techniques in a way you can easily understand.

Get everything you need to know to become comfortable and confident as you adjust EQ filters.

Module 1 • Intro to EQ
EQ Overview
Graphic EQ
Parametric EQ
Module 2 • The Most Important EQ Techniques
The EQ Golden Rule
When to Use EQ
Frequency Sweeping
Module 3 • Training Your Ear
Understanding the Frequency Spectrum
Where It Fits in the Mix
Listening for Specific Problems
Module 4 • Real Life EQ Examples
Vocal EQ
Drum EQ
Piano & Keys EQ
Guitar EQ
Stop Feedback with EQ
How to EQ Your Room

Mixer Mastery

The quickest way to master your mixer. Our Mixer Mastery courses are the only training resource you need to quickly find your confidence behind your specific mixer. We started with X32 Mastery, and the following will be available soon:
  • WING Mastery
  • Allen & Health SQ Mastery
  • Soundcraft Si Mastery
  • and more!
Module 1 • Signal Processing
Gain, Phantom Power & Polarity
EQ & Low Cut Filter
Gate & Ducker
Compressor & Expander
Module 2 • Grouping and Effects
DCA, Bus, & Mute Groups
Bus for Monitors
Matrix Mixes
Module 3 • Using Your Mixer
Saving Settings (Scenes, Snippets, Presets)
Virtual Sound Check
Linking Stereo Channels
USB Recorder
Headphones & Monitoring
Talkback Mic
Updating Firmware
Module 4 • Connecting Your Mixer
Block Routing
Patch Routing
Connecting iPad and Devices
Module 5 • Customizing Your Mixer
Configuration Options
Assign Controls
Labeling Channels

ALL Cheat Sheets Included

(plus what's to come)

Assign Controls Sample Setup
Bass Guitar Cheat Sheet
Cable Connector Cheat Sheet
Compression Cheat Sheet
Drum Compression Cheat Sheet
Drum EQ Cheat Sheet
Drum Gating Cheat Sheet
Drum Mic Placement Guide
Drum Tuning Guide
EQ Frequency Chart
Frequency Cheat Sheet
Gain Cheat Sheet
Gating Sample Settings
Guitar EQ Cheat Sheet
Keys EQ Cheat Sheet
Limiter Settings Cheat Sheet
Low Cut Filter Cheat Sheet
Mixing Cheat Sheet
Mixing Triangle
Reverb Cheat Sheet
Routing Guide
Team Training Guide
Vocal Compression Cheat Sheet
Vocal EQ Cheat Sheet
Wireless Setup Guide
and more!

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