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Kade Young’s Story

When I was 15, I vividly remember watching a video of Hillsong United leading worship. At this moment, I felt God fill my heart with purpose and knew that I would be a worship leader. So I did the only thing I knew to do and started a band in my youth group.

A few months after graduating high school, I married the beautiful woman that God ordained just for me. Then, just a few months later, my dad told me he was starting a church and wanted me to be the worship leader.

With a few years of experience bossing a youth band around, I knew this was my moment to really show what I was made of. But, like any young man, it wasn’t long before I figured out I was full of myself and didn’t know as much as I thought.

After humbling myself and dedicating years to developing leadership and sound tech skills, I found that several worship leaders were asking me the same questions, like: “How did you get the sound so good at your church?” and “How were you able to develop a full band in such a small church?”

This is when I started Collaborate Worship. I needed an effective way to help other worship leaders learn from my experience. My goal has always been to speed up the learning process for my fellow worship leaders. There is no reason for us both to learn the hard way.

I still have a lot to learn and Collaborate Worship gives me a place to share these things as I learn them. My hope is that you extract extreme value from the resources provided through Collaborate Worship while saving you time and frustration.

Kade Young