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Latest Church Sound Tips

The Key to Great Church Sound

When it comes to great sound, there is one thing that often gets overlooked - especially in churches. We run to the mixer to fix problems that arise while ignoring the most important thing. It’s like the current healthcare system. We are...

Top 3 Things All Church Sound Techs Should Know

So many of us got our start in audio by simply being a “warm body” that was willing to help. And what started as “just helping out” turned into a trial-by-fire method of learning how to run live sound and deal with all of the challenges...

The Complete Guide to Audio Compression

Audio compression allows you to limit the dynamic range of an input signal. If that went over your head, imagine the vast volume difference between a vocal singing softly versus really belting it out. Compression allows you to bring the...

Behringer X32 Mastery

Meet the fastest way to master the X32, designed specifically for churches.

Free Song Resources

Piano tutorials, chord charts, lyrics and more…did we mention they are all free?

Mainstage Patches

Save yourself some time! Our patches were created to sound just like the album.