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Latest Church Sound Tips

3 Ways to Eliminate Feedback During Worship

So you find yourself in an intimate moment during worship, where song preferences, lighting effects, and out-of-tune vocals all seem to disappear, when all of a sudden, feedback (a.k.a ‘ringing mics’) comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Why...

Drums too loud at church? Try these weird drum sticks.

Like many other churches, we put our drummer behind a drum shield. We all wanted to set her free, but couldn’t bear the loudness of the drums. When my church went mobile for a short season, I wanted to simplify setup as much as possible....

How to Use a Matrix as a Crossover

If you have a digital mixer, you may be wondering, what is the best use of a matrix? An audio matrix should be used anytime you need to create a slight variation of your main mix, like setting a crossover for your mains and subs. What is a...

Behringer X32 Mastery

Meet the fastest way to master the X32, designed specifically for churches.

Free Song Resources

Piano tutorials, chord charts, lyrics and more…did we mention they are all free?

Mainstage Patches

Save yourself some time! Our patches were created to sound just like the album.