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SOLVED: Live Stream Sounds Dull

When your live stream makes it to Facebook, YouTube, or wherever it’s going, it tends to sound a little dull. And this can be perplexing because it sounded just fine in the headphones coming out of your mixer. What’s going on here is file...

Ep 19: Hidden Secrets of Planning Center ft. Joshua Riggs

Ep 19: Hidden Secrets of Planning Center ft. Joshua Riggs

Joshua has been leading worship for over 17 years. His passion is to help equip the church with quality resources so they can spend less time and money looking for resources and more time reaching their communities with the Gospel of Jesus. He is the founder of...

SOLVED: Live Stream Not Loud Enough

One of the biggest challenges with a live stream mix is that it is not loud enough. You’ve likely dealt with this problem, so let’s solve it once and for all. What you are looking for is a limiter. This allows you to bring up the volume of...

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How to Set a Compressor for Vocals

Compression works wonders on vocals. It allows you to bring them to the front of the mix while not having to worry about their 'power note' making everyone in the room cover their ears. No longer do you have to ride the fader up and down...

The Most Important EQ Techniques for Church Sound

Have you ever been overwhelmed with EQ? Yeah, me too. Just when I think I have a good grasp on it, there is something new to learn. But turns out, there are actually a few simple EQ techniques that can really improve your sound without...

How to Set Gain on Your Mixer

There is a knob at the very top of your mixer that often gets mistaken as volume control. But, it is so much more. Properly setting gain is foundational to excellent sound. As a matter of fact, if you do not set it properly, you will never...

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