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Latest Church Sound Tips

Mixing Live Drums: EQ, Compression & Gating

Drums (and bass guitar) are the foundation of a great mix. If the drums aren’t right, the mix lacks energy and loses its impact. With all the signal processing available to us (EQ, compression and gating), it is easy to get overwhelmed....

Unexpected EQ for Better Bass Guitar

What’s the first thing to do when you want more of that big bass sound? “Boost the bass!” with a low shelf EQ filter. OK, don’t lie. We’ve all done it! Unfortunately, that’s not the best way to get the full and rich bass sound you want –...

EQ for Clean Backup Vocals

Backup vocals can add a lot of depth and strength to a worship team. But they can also muddy the mix if you’re not careful. The challenge often comes when you try to make every single vocalist sound perfect and have their own place in the...

Behringer X32 Mastery

Meet the fastest way to master the X32, designed specifically for churches.

Free Song Resources

Piano tutorials, chord charts, lyrics and more…did we mention they are all free?

Mainstage Patches

Save yourself some time! Our patches were created to sound just like the album.