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Ep 35: Go Beyond Sunday ft. Carl Barnhill

Ep 35: Go Beyond Sunday ft. Carl Barnhill

A lot of work goes into a one-hour Sunday service. Most churches lay it all out on Sunday and leave it at that. But what if our Sunday service could be a launching pad for daily online connection the rest of the week? In this episode, Carl Barnhill with Twelve:Thirty...

Best Software for Church Live Stream

The first step to a good looking live stream is the right lighting (more on that here). Once the lighting is in place, the right camera can make a huge impact (learn that here). However, what's the point of a good looking livestream if...

Ep 34: The Key to Leading Life Changing Worship ft. Anthony Washington

Ep 34: The Key to Leading Life Changing Worship ft. Anthony Washington

​It’s a no brainer that we all want to lead worship that’s life changing, but sometimes that feels a little easier said than done. We know that God is the one that does the life changing. But we have an important part in the big picture as well: spiritual preparation....

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The Most Important EQ Techniques

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or have been mixing for years, EQ is probably the most overwhelming thing on your mixer. But turns out, there are actually a few simple EQ techniques that can really improve your sound without having...

How to Set Gain on Your Mixer

Download Gain Sheet Sheet (free) If the knobs on your mixer could talk, gain would definitely be throwing a fit about feeling misunderstood. Gain has this great purpose, but often gets mistaken as simply volume control. I am going to make...

How to Set a Compressor for Vocals

Compression works wonders on vocals. It allows you to bring them to the front of the mix while not having to worry about their 'power note' making everyone in the room cover their ears. No longer do you have to ride the fader up and down...

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