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Latest Church Sound Tips

Switching to In-Ear Monitors on a Budget

Making the switch from floor wedges to in-ear monitors has major benefits: Stage noise is drastically decreased which in turn improves sound for the congregation. The band becomes ‘tighter’ because they can hear better. Each band member...

The Ultimate Guide for Choosing Audio Cables

Does your sound system buzz, hiss or make some other kind of unwanted noise? The problem is most likely rooted in bad cables. Regardless of how good your mixer, amps or speakers are, you will never get a good sound if you don’t have the...

How to Become a Better Problem Solver with Church Sound

It’s Sunday morning rehearsal, time is strapped, and something goes wrong with the sound. It worked just fine last week, why is it not working now? You frantically search for a solution but can’t seem to figure it out. Everyone is staring,...

Behringer X32 Mastery

Meet the fastest way to master the X32, designed specifically for churches.

Free Song Resources

Piano tutorials, chord charts, lyrics and more…did we mention they are all free?

Mainstage Patches

Save yourself some time! Our patches were created to sound just like the album.