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Ep 02: Kade’s COVID Breaking Point

Ep 02: Kade’s COVID Breaking Point

It's safe to say that everything church related was flipped on it's side whenever COVID-19 hit the U.S. Kade and Dillon each found the end of what they were capable of in their own strength during quarantine, and this is Kade's story about hitting his breaking point.

Ep 01: Church Live Stream Fails

Ep 01: Church Live Stream Fails

Like mostly everyone else, we had to switch to 100% online services at our church when COVID-19 quarantine went into effect. Safe to say we had a few mishaps... but we figured it out along the way. In this podcast, we talk about what went wrong with our live streams...

Switching to In-Ear Monitors on a Budget

Making the switch from floor wedges to in-ear monitors has major benefits: Stage noise is drastically decreased which in turn improves sound for the congregation. The band becomes ‘tighter’ because they can hear better. Each band member...

Behringer X32 Mastery

Meet the fastest way to master the X32, designed specifically for churches.

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Piano tutorials, chord charts, lyrics and more…did we mention they are all free?

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