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5 Engaging Worship Songs [2016]

Kade Young
Kade Young
Chief Audio Guru

One of the most challenging things about leading worship is finding songs the congregation will engage with.  Once per year I share the top 5 songs really resonating at my church to give you inspiration and hopefully introduce you to a few songs you have yet to consider.  Here's the 2016 list:

  1. Champion by Brian & Katie Torwalt
    Get lyrics, chord charts and piano tutorial →
  2. Grace on Top of Grace by Fellowship Creative
    Get lyrics, chord charts and piano tutorial →
  3. Unstoppable God by Elevation Worship
    Get lyrics, chord charts and piano tutorial →
  4. Good Good Father by New Wine Worship
    Get lyrics, chord charts and piano tutorial →
  5. Miracles by Jesus Culture
    Get lyrics, chord charts and piano tutorial →

View the 2015 list →

Your turn: What songs are resonating with your congregation? Answer in the comments below.


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16 comments on “5 Engaging Worship Songs [2016]”

  1. Love on the Line - Hillsong Worship
    Here Now - Hillsong United
    Great are You Lord - All Sons and Daughters
    Fierce - Jesus Culture
    One Thing - Hillsong Worship

  2. Great picks!

    Here's some our church is loving right now:
    Praise Goes One -Elevation Worship
    King of My Heart- John Mark and Sarah McMillan
    Lion and the Lamb- Leeland
    Faithful to the End- Bethel Music
    Great Are You Lord- All Sons and Daughters

  3. Only King Forever- Elevation Worship
    Great are you Lord - All sons & daughters
    Simplicity - Rend Collective
    Good Good Father- Housefires
    O Lord we seek your face - Worship Central NZ

  4. Here's a question: We live in a relatively rural community. Even though we have a couple of good Christian radio stations in the area, we don't ever hear most of the songs listed above. What are some good strategies for not only finding good new songs, but building a base from which to work with new, mostly unheard songs?

    1. Hey Lance - thanks for the comment. If you use Planning Center, they have a pretty cool song discovery tool that shows you the most popular songs across all those using Planning Center. I also like to browse iTunes for new music in the 'Christian & Gospel' category. It may also be helpful to listen on Spotify or Pandora. Hope that helps!

    2. I am an Amazon Prime member and use their streaming prime Music service to find songs. Also use Youtube

  5. Resurrecting - Elevation Worship
    The Lion and The Lamb - Bethel Worship
    Great Are You Lord - All Sons and Daughters
    Holy Spirit - Brian and Katie Torwalt
    O Praise the Name (Anastasis) - Hillsong Worship

  6. It's not a new song, but "All I Have is Christ" by Jordan Kauflin has resonated well with our congregation. The chorus works well at the end of the worship segment with minimal or no instrumentation.

  7. Resurrecting - Elevation Worship
    Good Good Father - New Wine Worship
    Open Up The Heavens - Meredith Andrews
    This I Believe (The Creed) - Hillsong
    All Arise - Michael W. Smith

  8. These are all awesome worship songs! Some that are reaching the hearts of our congregation is:
    Revelation Song: Kari Jobe
    Even When it Hurts, Praise song: Hillsong United
    No Longer Slaves: Jonathan David and Melissa Helser
    Amazing Grace, Broken Vessels: Hillsong United
    Great are You Lord: All Sons and Daughters

  9. Broken Vessels-Hillsong Worship
    Eye of the Storm-Ryan Stevenson
    I use Worship Together as one resource to find new songs, they have chords, lyrics, and the actual song. Also, it gives the scriptures that were used to write the song. Thanks for the post!

  10. Open Up The Heavens- Meredith Andrews
    King of My Heart- Sarah McMillan
    Great Are You Lord- All Sons and Daughters
    Forever Reign- Hillsong
    How Great Thou Art

  11. Oh Praise the Name (Anastasis) - Hillsong Worship
    At Your Name (Yahweh, Yahweh) - Phil Wickam
    No Longer Slaves - Bethel Music
    Break the Chains - John Waller
    Even So Come - Chris Tomlin

  12. It is well - bethel
    Still - hillsong

    These two songs was lead in a seminary before and the impact was really good.
    It's like telling the ministers and pastors despite all the work loads in ministry, we must always remember to be still in a storm and find rest in Him.

    Forever Reign - Hillsong
    This was lead in youth service. The verses are like declaration and the chorus brings a very great impact: running into God's arms and embrace His love.

  13. Here's some that are resonating:
    Lion and the Lamb
    Open up the Heavens
    Christ is Enough
    No One Higher
    O Praise the Name
    O Come to the Altar
    Even So Come

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