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5 Engaging Worship Songs [2015]

Kade Young
Kade Young
Chief Audio Guru

One of the most challenging things about leading worship is finding songs the congregation will engage with.  There is a slew of worship music to sort through, so I wanted to share a few songs really resonating at my church right now.  There are a few on the list you have probably heard of, but others you have yet to consider.

  1. When You Walk Into the Room by Brian & Katie Torwalt
    Get lyrics, chord charts and piano tutorial →
  2. Your Name Brings Healing to Me by Planetshakers
    Get lyrics, chord charts and piano tutorial →
  3. How Can It Be by Lauren Daigle
    Get lyrics, chord charts and piano tutorial →
  4. No Longer Slaves by Bethel
    Get lyrics, chord charts and piano tutorial →
  5. Limitless by Planetshakers
    Get lyrics, chord charts and piano tutorial →

Your turn: What songs are resonating with your congregation? Answer in the comments below.


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25 comments on “5 Engaging Worship Songs [2015]”

  1. 1. Open Up the Heavens (Vertical Church Band)
    2. No Longer Slaves (Bethel)
    3. The King is Among Us (Elevation)
    4. Holy Spirit (Torwalt)
    5. Good, Good Father (Housefires)

  2. Hosanna seems to be one of the most engaging worship songs we've been doing. Also Housefires Good Good Father. Struggling keeping them engaged. We are a small church, God is growing us, only two of us leading worship. Acoustic mainly with a keyboard player at times. God has blessed this church! It is growing and the intimacy is amazing! Would love to hear of more songs that you are doing that people are connecting with! Thank you for all you share with us! It is truly a blessing!

  3. Great Are You Lord
    Glorious Ruins
    Forever (We Sing Hallelujah) Kari Jobe
    Sinking Deep
    No Longer Slaves

  4. Forever Reign - Stanfill
    Draw Near Stanfill
    I Will Follow - Tomlin
    To Be Like You - Hillsong

  5. I'm from Borneo, so we usually sing in our own language as well as in English 🙂

    1. Kar'na SalibMu (Because of the cross) - True Worshipers
    2. Tuhan Penebusku (God my redeemer) - JPCC Worship
    3. Amazed - Desperation Band

  6. With our congregation there are quite a few songs that they really engage in.
    No Other Name
    Jesus I Come
    Even So Come

    These are just a few of the many that have really impacted our people. So thankful the Lord is bringing more and more powerful worship to the hands of every church!

  7. Rejoice - Dustin Kensrue
    Buried in the Grave - All Sons & Daughters

    And, one for the upcoming holidays:
    What a Glorious Night - Sidewalk Prophets

  8. We are a small church (of the Nazarene) in a town nearby Amsterdam (Holland). Two songs we really engage in are:
    1. Our God saves (God maakt vrij)
    2. Victors' crown (Zegekroon)
    I'm definately inspired by these comment, gonna check some songs out! 🙂

  9. No Longer A Slave -Bethel
    Still Believe - Kim Walker Smith
    Christ Be All Around Me - All Sons and Daughters
    Good Good Father
    Lily's Song (Praise the Lord) -Kristene DiMarco
    Your Great Name -Natalie Grant
    Holy Spirit - Jesus Culture
    Here With Me - Tim Hughes

  10. Okay here goes... My list
    Yahweh - Victory Bible College Student Worship
    Lamb of God - Vertical Church Band ... Anything by VCB actually.
    In Your Presence - Elevation Worship
    You Make Me Brave - Amanda Cooke Bethel
    Anchor - Leah Valenzuela Bethel

    Church list ...
    You Make Me Brave
    Holy Spirit
    I Am Not Alone
    Not For a Moment
    Come Ye Sinners
    Bonus song -- how can it be daigle

  11. I Am Free
    Holy Spirit
    On Fire
    My Lighthouse
    All of these keep our youth very engaged

  12. Rejoice (Dustin Kensrue)
    Made Alive (Citizens & Saints)
    Good Good Father (Housefires II)
    Jesus (Citizens & Saints)
    Great Are You Lord (All Sons & Daughters)

  13. Here are the most engaging ones for our congregation lately:

    - The Rock Won't Move (Vertical Church Band)
    - No Longer Slaves
    - Bound For Glory (Vertical Church Band)
    - I Need You I Love You I Want You (Tenth Avenue North)
    - God With Us (All Sons & Daughters)

  14. It's kind of funny - I don't really have a list. I am always surprised at how some days the congregation just sings a song and sometimes they preach it. This past week was "Great Is Thy Faithfulness". We were in tears trying to sing with them. As the Spirit so leads... 🙂

  15. My Top 5 Favorites
    1) My Lord I did not choose you - Benjamin Brainard
    2)When you Belive - Whitney Houston & Mirah Carey
    3) I Need You Now - Plumb
    4) Already There - Casting Crowns
    5) He Still Loves Me - Fighting Temptations
    (honorable mention)
    Be Our Comforter - Benjamin Brainard

  16. Good Good Father- Housefires
    For The Sake Of The World- Bethel
    Make Us One- RockFish Worship
    Separate Us- Josh Gilbert
    He Shall Reign Forevermore- Chris Tomlin
    Glory In The Highest- Fellowship Creative

  17. Here are some we love in our "alternative" service!
    Come As You Are- Crowder
    Good Good Father- Housefires
    Jesus We Love You- Bethel
    I Love Your Presence- Bethel
    Here's My Life- Crowder
    Clean Heart-original!!

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