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Our bass amp has an XLR out, but we struggled with two things: a buzz we could not get rid of without completely cutting the highs and inconsistency at the sound board when the bass player would turn the amp up and down.

Running the bass through a normal direct box just doesn’t sound quite right. I had heard of the SansAmp Bass Drive DI, decided to give it a shot and was pleasantly surprised. Before the SansAmp, there were specific notes on the bass that would sound big and full, but others would just disappear in the mix. Now, all notes come through strong and the full sound spectrum of the bass is heard, not just the super low frequencies.

This product is well worth the investment – you will not be disappointed.

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Kade Young

Kade Young brought Collaborate Worship into existence with a dream of helping worship leaders around the world fulfill their calling with excellence. He has been leading worship since 2005, is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training College, and currently the worship leader at NoLimits Church in Owasso, Oklahoma.