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Sennheiser e835 Microphone

Sennheiser e835 Microphone Review

Kade Young
Kade Young
Chief Audio Guru

A thick, bright, 'cut through the mix' type of mic.

The Sennheiser e835 is a cardioid vocal microphone that can be used for males, females, lead vocals, and background vocals.

Currently, every vocalist on my team uses this mic - two females, and one male.  The sound that this mic produces is very thick, bright and cuts through the mix.  It was actually designed as a lead vocal mic, but I like to use it for all of my vocals considering each song may be led by a different vocalist in any given service.

Previously, all of our vocalists used the ElectroVoice N/D767a, which worked well in a smaller venue, but when we moved into a larger space we found it lacking depth and getting lost in the mix.  We started by getting one wireless version of the e835 (Sennheiser EW100 G3) for myself and quickly switched over all the vocalists to this wonderful microphone.

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