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PRO HEX 5 - LED Par Light

Kade Young
Kade Young
Chief Audio Guru

I was on the search for a professional grade LED par can on a small budget.  Then I found Stage Light Company.  I was excited to give them a shot considering their focus is on providing professional lighting to churches.  So, I ordered two and couldn't be more pleased with the results.

We replaced a couple of old 500W Par64s with these LED pars.  They are much brighter and the colors are amazing.  We now save a ton of energy and have the flexibility of any color choice.  The white, amber, and UV lights are a nice touch and very useful as well.

You really can't go wrong with these.  We use them in a small venue, so if you are in a larger venue, you may consider the PRO Hex 12 instead.

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