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The MEE Sport-Fi M6 headphones are great low-cost headphones for in-ear monitors. I have been using and recommending them for several years now. When I ran across the M6 Pro headphones, it took me awhile to purchase because I was happy with the Sport-Fi M6s, and they are less than half the cost.

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I ended up purchasing the M6 Pro headphones so I could write a comparison for the Collaborate Worship community. What I found surprised me. Turns out, they really are worth the extra money, and here’s why.

Improvement #1: The M6 Pro headphones fit better.

One problem I always had with the Sport-Fi M6s is that they would work their way out of my ear throughout the worship set, regardless of what tips I used. This really isn’t a huge deal unless you are singing. When you sing, your ears move in conjunction with your jaw, so the headphones work their way out even faster.

Keep in mind, I never had them fall out, but just lose their seal. When the seal is lost, you can still hear, you just don’t get the full sound anymore.

The M6 Pro headphones fixed this problem. I still have to adjust them occasionally throughout the set, but they stay in my ear much better than the Sport-Fi M6 headphones.

Improvement #2: The M6 Pro headphones sound better.

Both the Sport-Fi M6 and M6 Pro headphones have a crisp, clean sound with plenty of low end. But, I have found that the M6 Pro headphones have a better mid-frequency response. They sound warmer and more balanced overall.

So, which headphones should you get?

They are both great headphones. It all depends on the use as to which you should get. Here are my recommendations.

Vocalists: MEE M6 Pro Headphones (Amazon)

The M6 Pro headphones tend to stay in your ears better, which is absolutely necessary for vocalists. When you sing, your ears move in conjunction with your jaw, so you need headphones that stay put.

Musicians: MEE Sport-Fi M6 Headphones (Amazon)

Unless you are extremely picky about the sound quality of your headphones, the Sport-Fi M6 headphones will work great for musicians that are not singing. The M6 Pro headphones do have a better, warmer sound, but only a keen ear will appreciate the difference.

If you have the extra cash, give the M6 Pro headphones a shot.

If you are willing to dish out the extra money, you will not be disappointed with the M6 Pro headphones. However, I recommend getting a pair or two of the Sport-Fi M6s for backup in case you forget or lose your M6 Pros.

MEE M6 Pro MEE Sport-Fi M6

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