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DPA 4088 Headset Microphone

DPA 4088 Headset Microphone Review

Kade Young
Kade Young
Chief Audio Guru

If you want your pastor to sound amazing, this is the microphone for you. We started off with one of the cheapest headset microphones you can buy and constantly struggled with feedback and the mic falling off the ear. So, I went on the search for a headset microphone that went around both ears and had a cardioid pattern instead of being omnidirectional. Then I found this post: Making Your Pastor’s Microphone Rock. When you buy this mic, know that you are using the same microphone as Pastor Willie George from Church on the Move in Tulsa.

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Although this mic is around $700, it is well worth the investment.

At a Glance

  • Stays in place the entire service
  • Phenomenal feedback rejection
  • Open, natural and reliable sound
  • Practically invisible when you use a low-profile wind screen


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3 comments on “DPA 4088 Headset Microphone Review”

  1. The DPA is a great mic. You should also look at the Sennhieser HSP-4 ...
    We love these and they are more comfortable and they have a flex end that holds shape yet allows for multiple users easily. Oh and they cost less tha the DPA...

    1. Hey Mike. The only other mic I have used on our pastor is the Audio-Technica headword mic (much like the Countryman). We had all kinds of problems with it because of the omnidirectional pickup pattern. Also, it was always falling off his hear since it only went around one ear, whereas the DPA goes around both. I believe the Audio-Technica is about half the price of the DPA.

  2. Thanks for your amazing insights Kade. I have been searching for a great mic to use and this is a great review. What are 3 or four other mics that you would recommend in ranges of costs as well?

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