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When the Behringer X32 digital mixer first came out, I took one look at the price and just knew it had to be a hoax.  I have found Behringer equipment to be hit and miss when it comes to quality and I knew this one must be a miss.

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I dreamed about having a digital mixer – scene saving, motorized faders, compression and parametric EQ on EVERY channel…but our small church budget just couldn’t absorb a $10k+ mixer. ¬†Then the Behringer X32 was released at just over $2k. ¬†I just knew it would be missing features, but as I examined the specs, nothing was missing.

I let several years pass before finally purchasing the Behringer X32 mixer for my church.  After hearing countless worship leaders rave about this mixer, I decided it was time to give it a shot Рand it has been a pleasant surprise.

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Favorite Features

  • 4-band parametric EQ on EVERY channel –¬†With an analog mixer you would have to purchase a rack-mountable parametric EQ unit for every channel to get this same result. ¬†Talk about a money and space-saving feature! ¬†It is amazing to have the ability to get every vocal/instrument dialed in just right.
  • Compression and gate on every channel – Using the compression and gate features are key to mixing controlled vocals and getting your drums and bass guitar sounding amazing. ¬†The Behringer X32 gives you this functionality on every single channel.
  • Amazing built-in effects – Great reverb makes a huge difference in the quality of your mix. ¬†At the low price point, I assumed the Behringer X32 would fall flat in this department, but I was wrong. ¬†The built-in reverb and delay sound absolutely beautiful. ¬†And, the versatility is incredible.
  • Scene and preset memory – I used to be worried that the sound tech would forget what needed to change between songs, but not anymore. ¬†The Behringer X32 allows you to save every setting on your mixer. ¬†Then you can recall with the click of a button. ¬†So, we simply save our presets during rehearsal and the sound tech is able to quickly recall each mix before the song begins. ¬†On top of this, you can save specific channels as presets. ¬†This is especially handy when you have different vocals each week using the same channel on your mixer.
  • Mix on an iPhone, iPad or Android device – Simply connect a wireless router to the Behringer X32 and you can mix from anywhere in the room on your mobile device. ¬†The musicians can now use their own phone to control their own monitor mix – no more shouting back to the sound tech.
  • 16 bus mixes – Most analog mixers only have 4 aux sends for monitor mixes. ¬†The Behringer X32 has 16 bus mixes that can be used for monitor mixes. ¬†Finally, everyone can have their own mix. ¬†Or, for even better results, get everyone on your team a¬†P16-M personal monitor mixer.
  • Easy recording – We used to use an audio interface to record the sermon on the computer that runs ProPresenter. ¬†Now we can just plug a USB drive into the Behringer X32 to hit record right on the mixer. ¬†Less room for error and much easier to work with.
  • Virtual sound check – The Behringer X32 allows you to record all 32 channels (raw signal) simultaneously. ¬†This enables you to record a rehearsal and then come back the next day (without the band) and fine-tune your mix. ¬†Now, you must have the right software and a good computer to make this happen (like a MacBook Pro with ProTools), but this is extremely helpful – especially for training new sound techs.
  • Live recordings – If your worship band wants to produce a live album, the Behringer X32 has everything you need to make it happen. ¬†Simply record all 32 channels of raw signal and send it all to the recording studio.

As you can see, the Behringer X32 mixer is well worth the investment.  Keep in mind, there is quite a learning curve if you are used to an analog mixer, which is why I have created a course to speed things up:

Check it out: X32 Mastery

With all the available features, the Behringer X32 is a bang for your buck, no doubt.

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