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For the Worship Leader of a Small Church

Kade Young
Kade Young
Chief Audio Guru

Those who read my posts on Collaborate Worship assume that I lead worship at a large church. However, our average attendance at NoLimits Church is around 90.

I used to be intimidated by larger churches.

I felt insecure around those who led a larger congregation, as if they were somehow more important, more skilled, and had a greater calling on their life. Then, my eyes were opened to the truth.

A few years ago, I started a job as business manager for a church about 10 times the size of my current church. I always assumed that my skills as a worship leader were nothing worth sharing considering my church was so small.

As time went on, I built a relationship with the worship leader at this church. I began to open up about the things I learned as a part of a twelve-person team that planted NoLimits Church in 2008. Turns out, what I knew was extremely valuable to him.

This baffled me because, as I said earlier, I assumed worship leaders at larger churches already knew everything I knew, and much more.

Worship leaders at small churches are extremely skilled.

I have found that worship leaders at small churches are much like small business owners - you must possess a large spectrum of skills.

To be successful, you must become skilled not only as a musician and leader, but in sound, lighting, media and so much more. You have to learn it all so you can effectively train your volunteers to do the things that larger churches are able to hire out.

Just because you are a small church does not mean you have to settle. I am the type of person that believes in limitless possibilities. There is no reason to limit what God can do.

You can still have a full band, excellent sound, creative lighting and all the things that larger churches have to enhance the worship experience. You don't have to settle for mediocre. You and your team can achieve excellence, it just takes a bit of hard work.

Just because you are a small church does not mean you have to settle. Tweet Quote

The fact that you are here reading this post shows me that you are willing to do what it takes. My advice to you is to take things one at a time. The worst thing you can do is try to get better at everything all at once.

Instead, pick one thing, master it, and move on to the next. This is how I was able to get where I am today, and how I continue to improve as time goes on.

Do not discredit yourself because you lead worship at a small church. Tweet Quote

What it all comes down to is this: do not discredit yourself because you lead worship at a small church. Your calling is just as important and valuable to God as those who lead at a larger church.

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13 comments on “For the Worship Leader of a Small Church”

  1. Thank you for the encouragement! God is working mightily though our teams! With information like this, it helps keep us going! I have enjoyed all of the newsletters I have received thus far! God Bless you, your team and family!

  2. Kade, as a team member and worship leader at the same church for the past 16 years, I truly appreciate your encouragement and the admonishment you have shared. Keep up the good fight!

  3. Really appreciate these words Kade , I feel like that a ton being the worship pastor of a small church in Georgia , but these words definitely speak life into my ministry. Thanks

  4. Thank you for the encouragement. I lead worship in a church of about 30 people. I can totally relate. We have found that as long as we keep the right perspective of keeping the focus on praising God and leading whoever shows up into worship we can't go wrong. However, it can almost be discouraging or even distracting if we have a small crowd. We also have struggled a bit with putting asu much effort into practice at times if we know it will be a smaller crowd, which is crazy. Again it comes back to keeping the right perspective. Our God deserves all our best and all honor and praise!

  5. Im a Pastor and I must say that I try to instill this in my congregation. I tell them that you don't have to be a mega ministry to do mega ministry. Reading your story STILL blessed and inspired me to push even harder.
    God Bless...

  6. The lack of lighting or expensive sound equipment or large band doesn't necessarily mean that it is mediocre. I don't think you meant that, but for those leading worship in the mission field churches, those things usually don't exist. But the worship is powerful.

    1. Agreed, Jerod. My point was this: if you do have those things available, make the best of them and don't submit to laziness just because you are a small church.

  7. I needed to hear this tonite 19 to 30 people any given Sunday. We meet to honor God and support one another. Thanks for what you're doing.

  8. Thank you! I was leading worship previously for a congregation of 800 and am now at a church of about 100. I felt like I had been demoted somehow. This was encouraging to me.

  9. Thank you!!! For you encouragement Blessings Duncan A.Z at the church the me and my family go 19 people.

  10. Thanks for the words of wisdom! I along with two others lead worship at our church. There's been quite a few Sunday's where we, along with the band, feel like we dont make any impact at all. That's when God reminds us that by ourselves we won't make the impact. We have to allow him to work through us.

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