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Does it sound like your drummer is hitting a cardboard box?

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Or, are the drums sounding a bit muddy?

Depending on your room and the drums, this is most likely coming from the 400-700 Hz range.

Fortunately it’s pretty easy to clear things up. Here’s how you do it:


  1. ​Apply a parametric EQ filter with a Q of 3 and boost 6-9dB
  2. Sweep around in the 400-700 Hz range until you hear the nastiness
  3. Cut around -6dB to get rid of the nasty
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each individual drum channel

You may find that different drums sound better with a cut around 350 Hz, others around 630 Hz, or others at 700 Hz.

Some may even have the same exact frequency placement. It all depends on your room and drums.

✅​​ Make drums sound better

Yep, it really is that simple. You killed it!

Looking for more drum EQ tips?

You’ll find them here: Mixing Live Drums: EQ, Compression & Gating

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