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The One Thing That Sets You Apart From Others

Kade Young
Kade Young
Chief Audio Guru

Have you ever found yourself hating your own life? When you think about, it is pretty funny that we even come to this place, considering we make our own decisions. But, so often, we make decisions only to please or impress other people, and that is exactly when we find ourself in an undesirable place.

I mean, just think about it. How many times have you went out and bought something just to impress another person? It’s like the person who buys a new car, and because they can’t quite afford it, they have to get a job they don’t even like to pay for the dumb thing. They are now in a place where they can’t take the risk of starting their own business, or moving to a new job doing what they love. So, they spend their whole life hating what they do for forty hours a week. This same hatred is carried home and often overflows onto their family.

How does this happen? Bad decisions. Who is responsible? You are. How do you fix it? Make better decisions. It is really that simple. I know so many people that are jealous of someone else’s life. The thing is, God is fair to everyone. You have the same opportunity for success as I do, with God by your side. The only thing that makes my life different from your’s is..decisions.

Some people choose to pursue a close relationship with God, while others spend their time doing other things. Do you have to spend regular time with God to be saved? No, but if you want to enjoy your time on this earth, you desperately need that relationship. When you get saved by confessing and accepting Jesus Christ as your savior, the door is opened for you to have a relationship with God. However, just like any person-to-person relationship, it takes time and effort to get to that place of ‘closeness’ or intimacy.

You become dangerous to the devil when you get close with God. That is why it is such a struggle to spend time with God on a daily basis. The good news is, you can do it. Make your mind up that you are in charge of your own decisions, and start making good decisions by spending time with your Creator every day. Remember, He is always with you, and no matter how long its been since you last talked with Him, He still has open ears and is patiently waiting to hear your voice.


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