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SOLVED: Live Stream Sounds Dull

Kade Young
Kade Young
Chief Audio Guru

When your live stream makes it to Facebook, YouTube, or wherever it’s going, it tends to sound a little dull. And this can be perplexing because it sounded just fine in the headphones coming out of your mixer.

What’s going on here is file compression.

To make sure everyone has a good streaming experience, Facebook and YouTube work to make the video file size as small as it can be without losing too much quality. But it still loses quality.

One way to combat this is with a simple EQ filter.

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Simple EQ Filter

The place your ear notices the quality loss taking place when your stream hits Facebook or YouTube is in the really high frequencies. These are the frequencies that make the sound bright and exciting.

All you have to do is boost these just a bit to compensate for the quality loss. This EQ filter will go on the two bus mixes you are using for your live stream.

If you don’t currently have your live stream set up using two bus mixes, I highly recommend setting it up this way. Here's a video that will help you get set up:

Simple Live Stream Sound Setup

Setting Up the EQ Filter

  1. Select your live stream bus and navigate to the EQ for that bus.
  2. Find an available EQ filter and change the type to a high shelving filter.
  3. Set the frequency to around 12 kHz
  4. Boost 6db

And that’s it! This should brighten up your live stream mix and help make it shine.

Keep in mind, it’s going to sound a little bit strange coming out of the headphones connected to your mixer. But once the file is compressed on Facebook or YouTube, you’ll be glad you added this little filter.

Importance of the Room Mix

This is going to make a huge difference! But keep in mind, the live stream mix is a reflection of what’s going on in your auditorium, so you’ll want to make sure your room mix is the best it can be.

That’s what Church Sound Made Simple is all about.

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