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Get the FLOW 8 (click here)

Behringer just came out with a cool little mixer called the FLOW 8. At just $298, this 8-channel digital mixer is packed with some incredible features. Here’s a few of my favorites:

  • Bluetooth control
  • Bluetooth audio input
  • Auto gain calibration (a bit skeptical on this one, but seems promising)
  • 10×2 audio interface

This is a great mixer to have on hand for small events, or video recording, or any other situation that calls for a small digital mixer.

Get the FLOW 8 (click here)

Product Description

The Behringer FLOW 8 8-input digital mixer provides an easy-to-use interface, automatic preamps, and an intuitive stage view to help you nail a mix in no time flat. This compact digital mixer allows remote mixing through the FLOW app, which also offers mix assistance and total recall of all settings via remote snapshots. Store as many as you want to expedite your mix in any situation!

Packed with studio-quality Midas preamps and X32 digital converters, the Behringer FLOW 8 exhibits professional sonic performance. It also doubles as a 10 x 2 channel USB audio interface for capturing live performances, cutting tracks in your home studio, or hosting a podcast.

Gigging artists at Sweetwater appreciate the FLOW 8’s Bluetooth connectivity for streaming backing tracks and playing music during set breaks. With the Behringer FLOW 8, you don’t need to be a professional live sound engineer or break your gear budget to get a great mix!

Get the FLOW 8 (click here)

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