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Ep 39: Microphone Mastery ft. Doug Gould

Kade Young
Kade Young
Chief Audio Guru

How important are microphones? Well, if you don’t choose the right microphone and use it correctly, your mixing efforts are going to be like polishing a turd.

The output is a reflection of your inputs. Since most inputs start at a microphone, it’s crucial to understand different types, pickup patterns, and how to place them.

As part of the Shure Microphones team, Doug Gould has taught at hundreds of conferences. He joins us in this episode to reveal everything we need to know about microphones.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Dynamic and condenser microphones
  • How to place a microphone correctly
  • Cardioid, supercardioid and hypercardioid
  • When to use phantom power and polarity


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Meet Doug Gould

Doug has served in management roles at Shure and Tascam.  He’s also served as a worship leader, musician and sound tech at various churches throughout his career. He has presented at hundreds of worship conferences all over North America and beyond. All of this comes from his passion to use his experience to teach others.

Get in touch with Doug at worshipmd.com

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