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Ep 24: The Secret to Engaging Worship ft. Josh Huseby

Kade Young
Kade Young
Chief Audio Guru

Ever looked out at the congregation during worship to see a bunch of blank stares? It's happened to all of us... It can make you feel like you're failing at pointing people to God.

Josh has some great tips on how to transform worship at your church from "something I'm here to watch" to "something I'm invited into".

In this episode, you'll discover:

  • The main cause behind the blank stares
  • How to keep people from feeling isolated during worship
  • Encouraging those who "can't sing" to participate
  • How song selection affects engagement


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Josh Huseby

Josh is currently a part of a church plant in Bismarck, North Dakota called Missio Church.


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5 comments on “Ep 24: The Secret to Engaging Worship ft. Josh Huseby”

  1. G'day. A thought on engagement: volume (and quality) of sound matters. Like song selection it will vary with the demographic, but I consider a baseline to be: loud enough that you (congregant) can still hear the lead vocals and most of the band while singing, but not so loud that you can't hear yourself. It usually helps if you can also hear the mass of people around you singing - which depends on the acoustics of the room somewhat.
    It's easier with dynamic, live sounds than with heavily compressed recordings. Ever notice when using a CD recording, it can sound really loud, but as soon as you try to sing with it you want to turn it up more?

  2. I enjoyed your thoughts on this and as a sound tech I’ll be sharing with our worship leader.

    Do you have a podcast on the lighting tech side. What is your experience on using lights that move? What is enjoyable and what and how much can be distracting

    Thanks, keep up the awesome work


    1. Hey Dan - We focus on sound here at Collaborate Worship, so currently no resources on lighting. Sorry man!

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