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Kade Young
Kade Young
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Become a confident WING user

and waste no time doing it

This course is the only training resource you need to quickly find your confidence behind the Behringer WING.

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Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

Video Lessons

Module 1 • Connecting the WING
Routing Overview
Channel Routing
Source Routing
Output Routing
Module 2 • Customizing the WING
Setup Options
Custom Controls
Module 3 • Signal Processing
Gain, 48V, Trim, & Polarity
Low Cut Filter
EQ Filters
Module 4 • Grouping and Effects
DCA, Bus, & Mute Groups
Bus for Monitors
Matrix Mixes
Module 5 • Using the WING
Saving Settings (Snaps & Shows)
Virtual Soundcheck / Multitrack Recording
4-Track USB Recorder
Headphones and Monitoring
Talkback Mic
Updating Firmware
Module 6 • P16 Personal Mixers
P16 Routing on the WING
How to Use P16s

Bonus Resources

Cheat Sheets
WING Setup Cheat Sheet
WING Room EQ Cheat Sheet
Gain Cheat Sheet
Low Cut Filter Cheat Sheet
Vocal EQ Cheat Sheet
Drum EQ Cheat Sheet
Guitar & Keys EQ Cheat Sheet
Drum Gating Cheat Sheet
Compression Cheat Sheet
WING Snapshots
Kade's Custom Controls Setup
Kade's Reverb Presets
Kade's Vocal Starter
Bonus Training
Mix with Me on the WING
EQ Room on the WING

I now feel more comfortable exploring the different aspects of our sound, EQ, and effects. These resources have empowered me to create better sound and empowered my teams to accomplish their goals.

Dominic Parry

Excellent course, concise videos showing you each step. Have your team empowered with knowledge to provide the best possible sound to your church.

John Pearce

Simple, yet detailed. Really hit the areas that have the most impact in creating a good mix for our church service. Great to have this training tool for all of our volunteers!

Kevin Justice

This course has been a staple for us in our training. The precise, detailed overview of the features of this board has made training new people at our church a breeze.

John-Marc Edwards

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How long is the course?

What takes the other guys hours to explain, we explain in just a few minutes. With our training, you'll master the WING with just 1hr 5min of video training, plus bonus resources. WING Mastery truly is the QUICKEST way to master the Behringer WING.

What's the difference between Lifetime Access and ALL Access?

Lifetime Access gives you lifetime access to one course for a one-time fee. ALL Access is an annual subscription that gives you access to everything Collaborate Worship, including ALL courses, cheat sheets, premium support, and exclusive content. You can cancel your subscription at any time, but when you do, you'll lose access to these things.

What's the difference between WING Mastery and Church Sound Made Simple?

WING Mastery = how your mixer works.
Church Sound Made Simple = how to create a great mix.
Knowing how to use a tool is one thing (WING Mastery). Using the tool to create something great is another (Church Sound Made Simple).

What firmware do you use in the course?

The course was created using firmware version 1.13.9. As major firmware updates are released, the course will be updated at no additional cost for all users. If you haven't updated yet, the course will walk you through the risk-free updating process.

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