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Coming July 2024
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Kade Young
Kade Young
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Become a confident SQ user

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This course is the only training resource you need to quickly find your confidence behind the Allen & Heath SQ mixers.

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Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

Video Lessons

Module 1 • Connecting the SQ
Input Routing
Output Routing
Sends Routing
Module 2 • Customizing the SQ
Setup Options
Custom Layer and Soft Keys
Module 3 • Signal Processing
Gain, 48V, Trim, & Polarity
High Pass Filter
EQ Filters
Module 4 • Grouping and Effects
Groups, DCA, & Mute Groups
Mix for Monitors
Matrix Mixes
Module 5 • Using the SQ
Saving Settings (Scenes & Library)
Virtual Soundcheck / Multitrack Recording
Qu Drive
Headphones and Monitoring
Talkback Mic
Updating Firmware
Module 6 • ME-1 Personal Mixers
Connecting ME-1 Mixers
Using ME-1 Mixers

Bonus Resources

Cheat Sheets
SQ Setup Cheat Sheet
Gain Cheat Sheet
High Pass Filter Cheat Sheet
Vocal EQ Cheat Sheet
Drum EQ Cheat Sheet
Guitar & Keys EQ Cheat Sheet
Gating Cheat Sheet
Compression Cheat Sheet
Bonus Training
Mix with Me on the SQ
EQ Room on the SQ

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I wish I could say I was blown away but honestly that would be an understatement! I am amazed by the simplicity of your teaching and the results I’ve had.

Drey Bohannan

Thanks so much for not only providing great training but also being quick to respond to our specific problems.

Timothy Minks

What you have done is such an awesome resource for complete sound newbies like me. Thank you so much!

Daniel Ronquillo
James Wasem

Kade relates the content in a way that isn’t over your head. It’s not talking down to you. The step-by-step process is laid out in a very clean way.

James Wasem
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