Worship Pianos

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Lead Piano, Ballad Piano, Dark Piano, Atmosphere Piano, Orchestra Piano



You have probably found the built-in piano sounds in MainStage to be a bit lacking. Well, after much determination and sculpting, we have created a MainStage patch kit that includes five different piano sounds without using any third party plugins, and they sound great!

This MainStage Patch Kit includes the only five piano patches you will ever need for worship: Lead Piano, Ballad Piano, Dark Piano, Atmosphere Piano, Orchestra Piano.

Patches created using MainStage 3. Only native MainStage sounds were used, so no 3rd party plugins needed.

7 reviews for Worship Pianos

  1. Adam (verified owner)

    Awesome patches made by Kade. I was going to go through Multitracks, but the deal was much better through Collaborate, and the patches in my opinion just as good.

  2. Danny Soto

    Great product. I’m new to MainStage and this was a great purchase and gave me the sounds I needed to start!

  3. Gabriel Trevino (verified owner)

    These patches are great. Amazing sounds! Worth the purchase.

  4. Chris Nguyen (verified owner)

    Everything was great and simple! Would totally buy more patches from Collaborate! 🙂

  5. Joshua Robison (verified owner)

    Great sounds, glad that
    I don’t need $1,000’s to find something that works.

  6. gr52 (verified owner)

    Im very happy with this patch!! I just used them this past sunday in worship!

  7. Will Butler (verified owner)

    Excellent patch!!????

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