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MainStage Patch for Miracles by Jesus Culture


Patch created using MainStage 3. Only native MainStage sounds were used, so no 3rd party plugins needed.

10 reviews for Miracles

  1. Josh Herring (verified owner)

    Absolutely great patch! I love the attention to detail in the delays and reverb. Plus I can dial in how wet it is depending on the venue. Great job! Keep ’em coming!

  2. Joanna (verified owner)

    Really great patch and easy to use

  3. Stacie (verified owner)

    I did like the sounds that were picked. The problem I ran into is two fold: 1. I did not like that the patch came in a set and was a bit more clumsy to switch between previous patches. 2. I certainly do not like that when switching between the patches in the Miracles set the sounds do NOT sustain. They completely stop and therefore when played with the band it is not seamless. Other than that, I like the patch and will more than likely look into more that are offered

    • Kade Young

      Hey Stacie – thanks for the review. Regarding patch switches, they are all in order. So, it should be as simple as progressing forward through the patches throughout the song, no need to go back and forth.

      The problem with patches stopping is due to a MainStage setting, not the patch itself. To fix this, open MainStage preferences, navigate to the ‘audio’ tab and make sure ‘Silence Previous Patch’ is set to ~5sec. Hope that helps!

  4. Florin Indreiu

    Sounds great! Don’t you have a video with the patch only?

    • Kade Young

      Hey Florin – we do not have a video with the patch only. The only video we have available has the patch overlaying the song.

  5. grant parker (verified owner)

    Exactly what I needed. The delay, reverb esp on verses was perfect and way more than I could have made for myself. Very easy to use and broken up perfectly for the cadence of the song. However the way it’s set up it is a huge CPU hog, so toward the end of our encore the keyboard patch started to hang up a lot. Overall, will be returning for more patches.

    • Kade Young

      Hey Grant – thanks for the review. It is mainly the reverb used that hogs the CPU, but I stuck with it because it is so beautiful compared to the other options. To keep your CPU from getting bogged down, I recommend quitting all other applications, emptying your trash, and clearing your desktop when using MainStage. Also, there is an app called CleanMyMac 3 that you can use to ‘free up’ ram with the click of a button. Once I started using this, I never had problems with my Mac getting hung up. Hope that helps!

  6. Dave Talbot

    Lifesaver! My worship leader switched up the set and added miracles late in the week, so I bought it and it was so nice! Especially in the chrous doubling the ‘I believe in You’. . Our church group was blessed! Thank you for what you do

  7. duckman1221 (verified owner)

    Excellent patch. I was able to use it to customize my set for several other songs thanks to this being an excellent base patch to build off of.

  8. jake1 (verified owner)

    well it impressed the worship leader so for that alone worth the 5 bucks

  9. Will (verified owner)

    Outstanding Patch!!!

  10. Denroy Robyn (verified owner)

    This patch is absolutely incredible. Great work CW.

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